The radio frequency course we propose is based on the principle that radio frequency in the broad sense is perceived as a very surly field of technique.

We are solicited (by large groups in general) to provide, in a pedagogical and simplified way, some basic RF notions.

From photon to the latest evolutions in the world of Internet Of Things, this course explains with pictures and progressive steps the process of creating an RF system in the broad sense and provided examples of implementations.

The targeted audience is not necessarily technical and this course applies particularly well to members of the same team or organization who just want to "understand".

Here is an example of modules available (training ideally two days):

  • MODULE 1: RF fundamentals & concepts (for the noobs)
  • MODULE 2: Introduction to RF technologies and connected objects
  • MODULE 3: Wireless protocols panel presentation part 1: WAN
  • MODULE 4: Wireless protocols panel presentation part 2: LPWAN
  • MODULE 5: Wireless protocols panel presentation part 3: LAN
  • MODULE 6: Internet of Things concept overview

The cost of training depends on the number of participants.


  • Floor price @ 1500 € / day for 5 participants
  • + 20 € / day per additional participants

The training is given in French or in English indifferently.

RF communicating objects

Sensor / actuator networks

Embedded intelligence


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Technoparc IV


1 impasse Marcel Chalard


31100 Toulouse - France